Filling the holes in my tech education

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People, especially my mom, believe that I understand all tech because I work Google. This is false.¬†Other than writing code in python, R, and some C++ in graduate school (and one crappy, simple .html geocities site when I was 12), my “tech savviness” is pretty limited. When the printer is broken at work, I just wait and assume it will be fixed eventually. Maybe, if it’s urgent I’ll try turning the printer off and then back on again.

I’d like to change this, at least for certain areas. I’ve decided to beef up my knowledge in:

  1. Webpage design/UI with wordpress and other platforms (this post/site is a first step towards this goal)
  2. More generic web programming skills ie CSS, JSON
  3. Social web APIs: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  4. Mapreduce and hadoop for large scale data processing
  5. basic MySQL knowledge

Put more simply, if I had an amazing idea for a website/business, I should be able to prototype it in a few weekends or weeks. I’d also like to increase my online presence on sites like twitter and Quora and speak at several conferences.¬†Let me know if you think I’m missing anything!

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