My new laptop

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I finally bought a new personal laptop after having the same first generation Intel MacBookPro since early 2006. Technically it was still working in the sense that it still turned on, but only operated while plugged in, even with a new battery. It was time. Though I went back and forth deciding between a MacBook Air and the new MacBook Pro, I ultimately ended up with the 15″ model of the latter with the high-resolution anti-glare display, because:

  1. I didn’t want to worry about an external monitor and 13.3″ just didn’t seem big enough
  2. quad core i7 >> core 2 duo
  3. anti-glare had made a huge difference
  4. I can’t really tell the difference between a 3lb and 5.5lb laptop when its in my laptop bag

This laptop is FAST. Unfortunately, upgrading laptops is a huge pain. I made a checklist of content/programs to transfer or install so I figured I would share that as well:

  1. quicksilver
  2. R
  3. adjust terminal settings – homebrew (because I’m so 1337)
  4. texshop
  5. chrome
  6. numpy/scipy
  7. music, pictures, some old documents, but hopefully I’ll be moving most of this to the cloud soon

Am I missing anything? Any ideas for cool laptop decorations?

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