Quotes from Alex on Social Media and the Super Bowl

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I had the privilege of being interviewed for an article on titled Sports are going social, and it’s a winning combination. It’s not really super relevant to anything else on my blog, but I have a quote in there about why sports generate so much intense interest/conversation:

“We endear ourselves to the teams and even use terms such as ‘we’ and ‘us’ when talking about their most recent triumph or failure. It’s natural that something which creates such a deep emotional reaction yields so much conversation both in person and in social networks and social apps.”

and another one on why athletes and particularly fans engage with social networks:

“Rather than simply reading about players online, collecting cards, or wearing their jerseys, fans can follow their favorite players on Twitter, subscribe to their Facebook feed, or even see where they check-in on Foursquare, I see this trend not only continuing, but accelerating in the coming year as social media continues to become more ubiquitous.”

Just thought it was cool and would make my mom proud.

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